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A Moment of Madness

All is not quiet on the Western Front. The horrors of the trenches have taken their toll on Jackson and, as he prepares to go over the top, he must fight the demons in his head as well as the terror in his heart.

In a quagmire of mud and blood, death and destruction, a moment of madness seizes Jackson as the war around him merges with the brutal insanity in his own mind.

When the whistles finally signal the big push, the barbed wire and shot and shell and the Hun across the muddy battlefield are not the only enemy to be overcome.

A study in the horrors of war and the devastating condition that is Post Traumatic Stress, or shell shock as it was known, A Moment of Madness sees a man under the pressures of his time, the constraints of his honour and duty and the inescapable death trap that was the mud and blood spattered trenches of the Great War.

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