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Michael Mortain inherits more than just wealth when his uncle dies in a freak accident. He also takes on Friedrich's magic, a rare power coveted by the insane witch, Morga, and her pet gamora. In a world of darkness and witchcraft Michael soon finds himself fighting for his life and that of the woman he loves, whilst evading the clutches of the inquisition in a bloody clash of magic and religion.

In the sleepy village of Richstein Michael Mortain finds himself the new master of Driesden House, and more, he discovers the charms of the local apothecarist, Annarina Anstein. But not all is as tranquil as it seems and Michael's new life is turned upside down with the arrival of a mysterious witch hunter and the widow of a recently slain merchant.

Michael's soon finds himself the target of an insane witch and her unwilling demon, but can the White Coven help him unlock the secrets of Uncle Friedrich's power, escape the clutches of the inquisition and save Annarina before Morga can unleash the forces of hell?

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