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With the ghost of Thorgrim Ironarm a permanent resident in his head, Alwyn, a simple potboy from Green Delving, makes his way to Dwarfingate, the ancestral homeland of the dwarves. His desperate journey to rid himself of the shade of the dwarven slayer takes him across the sea and to the other side of the world, encountering treachery on the high seas and an ancient dwarven menace.

Travelling with his mercenary friends, Alwyn witnesses the near destruction of Dwarfingate, the demise of the Runemasters and discovers the truth behind Ironarm's imprisonment in the amulet when an evil, created by the dwarves themselves, comes back to haunt them and threaten the world.

Alwyn is forced to find the last of the Runemasters and rescue him from the clutches of the Tocks and their master, Timecks, if he is ever to purge his mind of the mad dwarf who haunts it.

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